The spring of 2003 witnessed the birth of a new gospel music ministry made up of men who, although friends and accomplished singers, had never sung in the same group together.  Bobby Vaughn called Mike Wiggington, Danny Duke, and Sam Reid to ask if they would interested in forming a group.  Although there have been some changes in personnel over the years the message is still the same -- Jesus is alive and well and can fill your every need.  These men have sung in Tennessee and surrounding states for churches and civic organizations, both in a worship or concert setting and would love to come to your church or event to present the gospel in song.  If you like wholesome Christian entertainment with the message of the gospel mixed in, you will want to make a point to have them for your service or event or attend one of their concerts to experience their ministry for yourself. Thanks for the support of our many friends and fellow Christians over the years and may God richly bless you all.

The present group consists of:

Bobby Vaughn, Tenor

Danny Duke, Lead

Noel Walters, Baritone

Mike Wiggington, Bass